Our Featured Products

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Clifton Tools

For years, Clifton has been distinguished itself as a maker of high-quality, handmade wood planes. Featuring designs based on decades of woodworking experience, these planes are a perfect fit for anyone looking for a traditional solution to their planing needs.


Since the company’s founding in 1937, Ramelson has been manufacturing hand tools in their New Jersey factory that expertly match tradition with innovation. With each tool featuring tempered and heat treated carbon tool steel, these tools are a good match for woodworkers of any level!

Easy Wood Tools

Easy Wood Tools produces replaceable carbide cutter woodturning tools specifically designed to improve fatigue, safety and efficiency. No matter your woodturning experience level, these tools will make your next project easier than ever before!

Fast Cap

Fast Cap is the brainchild of a 20 year veteran of woodworking who designed a self-adhesive screw cap cover that became the product of the same name. Today, Fast Cap is one of the leading producers of wood adhesives, as well as a wide variety of different woodworking tools.


Since first opening their doors in 1984, Razertip has been providing wood burning supplies to woodworkers across the globe. Featuring an extensive selection of tips, pens and burning systems, you are sure to find the perfect wood burning tool for your next project!

Crown Tools

CrownTools is a company with a solid base in tradition. By blending over 50 years of manufacturing processes with some of the latest techniques, such as Cryogenics and Powder Metallurgy, Crown Tools crafts woodworking tools that are truly some of the best available on the market today.


Jet manufacturers the heavy machines that serious woodworkers need. From table saws to bandsaws, planers, sanders and more, you will be sure find the machinery you need to take your woodworking to the next level!